Join Club Foos and become a Legend.

  • Join your Club Foos. Install the Club Foos App and through the app scan the QR code on a Club Foos enabled foosball-table* to join your local Club Foos.
  • Play Exciting games. Compete with or against your friends, colleagues and other club-members.
  • Check skills and statistics. Monitor the progression of yourself and others.
  • Grow into a Club Foos Champion. The top ranked male and female player at the end of each season** will be crowned Club Foos Champion.
  • Compete in the Club Foos National Finals. All Club Foos Champions qualify for the grand final foosball tournament in the nation's capitol: the Club Foos National Finals.
  • Become a Club Foos Legend. Win the Club Foos National Finals and emerge as the Club Foos Legend.
  • Win an official tournament foosball-table. Club Foos Legends are awarded a Leonhart tournament foosball-table***.

* Do you want Club Foos to install a professional foosball-table for you? Or do you want to enable your own foosball table? Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

** Seasons start the first of September and end on the first of July.

*** The Leonhart table is the sports table in Holland and Germany. Multiple tournaments including the world championships are organized in western Europe each year. For more info check: Selling price (incl. transportation): €1500,-